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About the Program
The program covers five major areas of Applied Statistics namely:
•    Mathematical Statistics
•    Economic Statistics
•    Demography and Social Statistics
•    Actuarial Science
•    General Applied Statistics

Program Objectives
•    To equip the student with a broad-based statistical knowledge and skills;
•    To train statisticians for employment in public and private sectors.
•    To prepare candidates for postgraduate studies in statistics

Admission Requirements
•    Candidates must meet the minimum University entry requirements.  
•    Candidates must have passed Mathematics with a minimum grade of B- at K.C.S.E., or an equivalent qualification.

Duration of the Program
Candidates shall normally have enrolled for courses over a period of not less than four (4) academic years.

Course Structure
•    Courses will be offered in units, in which a course unit is defined as a three-hour lecture or six hours tutorial or nine hours practical session per week per semester.
•    Students will take a minimum of 14 units and maximum of 16 units in each year of study.  Students wishing to take more than 16 units will require senate approval.
•    In the first year, students will take 16 units from the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science,
•    In second year, students will take 14 core units from the Department, and a further 2 units from the elective courses offered by the Department dependent on their desired area of specialization.  
•    In the third and fourth years of study, students will take 12 core units, plus an additional 4 units from the elective units offered by the Department dependent on their desired area of specialization.   
Mode of Delivery
•    Face-to-face
•    On-line

Program Courses  
Year 1 Semester 1
MAC 107:    Introduction to Actuarial Science            C
MAC 105:     Micro economics                 C
MAS 101:     Descriptive Statistics             C
MAS 103:    Introduction to Probability Theory         C
MMA 100:    Basic Mathematics                 C
MMA 111:    Introduction to Calculus              C
MIT 101:     Basic Concepts of IT               C
MIT 103:     Web Browsing and Communication         C
Year 1 Semester 2
MAS 102:             Probability and Distribution Theory I  C
MAS 106:                Introduction to Biostatistics  C
MAC 104:                Linear Models and Forecasting  C
MAC 106:                     Macroeconomics C
MAC 102:             Fundamentals of Actuarial Mathematics I E
MMA 103:                     Linear Algebra I    C
MMA 101:                    Analytical Geometry  C
MIT 104:     Descriptive Statistical Analysis & Presentation     C
MIT 102:                          Handling data  
Year 2 Semester 1
MAS 201:                        Sample Surveys   C
MAS 203:                      Economic Statistics C
MAS 207:            Probability and Distribution Theory II  C
MMA 215:                        Calculus   C
MMA 202:      Vector Analysis                     C
MIT 201:                    Statistical Computing I  C
MIT 203:                 Collecting and Organising Data  
Year 2 Semester 2
MAS 202:                  Principles of Statistical Inference C
MAS 204:                 Demography and Social Statistics  C
MAC 206:                    Actuarial Mathematics I  C
MAC 210:     Investment and Asset Management I         E
MMA 201:      Linear Algebra II                    C
MMA 206:     Algebraic Structures                 E
MMA 216:     Multivariate Calculus                  C
MMA 208:     Introduction to Analysis                C
MIT 202:     Data Management                 C
MIT 204:     Scientific Report Reading, Writing & Presentation     C
Year 3 Semester 1
MAS 303:      Estimation Theory                  
MAS 305:      Stochastic Processes I             
MAS 307:      Theory of Sampling Techniques           
MAS 309:      Time Series Analysis and Forecasting          
MAS 311:      Statistical Demography I                  
MAS 313:     Principles of Econometrics              
MAS 315:      Statistical Genetics                  
MMA 300:      Real Analysis I                      
MMA 301:      Ordinary Differential Equations I              
MIT 301:     Computer Based Survey Techniques          
MIT 303:     Computers Applied to Mathematics          
Year 3 Semester 2
MAS 302:      Mathematical Methods                 C
MAS 304:      Test of Hypotheses                 C
MAS 306:      Statistical Modelling                 C
MAS 308:      Analysis of Experimental Designs I         E
MAS 310:     Stochastic Decision Models I             E
MAS 312:      Statistical Computing II                 E
MAS 314:     Research Methodology                 C
MAC 300:     Financial Mathematics II                 E
MAC 302:    Methods of Actuarial Investigations          E
MAC 304:     Actuarial Life Contingencies I             E
MAC 306:     Financial Economics                  E
MMA 303:    Complex Analysis I                  
MMA 312:    Operations Research I                  
MIT 304:     Introduction to Object Oriented Programming    C
MIT 302:     Statistical Computing II                 C
MAS 317:    Industrial Attachment                 C
Year 4 Semester 1
MAS 401:               Further Distribution Theory             C
MAS 403:            Non parametric Methods             C
MAS 405:     Analysis of Experimental Designs II         E
MAS 407:   Further Time Series Analysis             E
MAS 409:    Further Sample Survey Theory and Methods     E
MAS 411:   Stochastic Decision Models II             E
MAS 413:   Stochastic Models for Biological Processes     E
MAS 415:   Biometric Models                 E
MAS 417:   Statistical Demography II             E
MAS 419:     Econometric Models I                 E
MAS 421:      Stochastic Processes II                 E
MAS 423:     Practical Statistics                 C
MAS 425:     Labour Dynamics                 E
MAS 427:      Agricultural Indices                 E
MAS 429:      Energy Analysis                     E
MAS 431:      Teaching of Statistics                 E
MAC 403:     Actuarial Life Contingencies II             E
MAC 411:      Theory of Business Decisions             E
MAC 415:        Survival Analysis                     E
MMA 405:    Partial Differential Equations I             C
MMA 420:     Operations Research II                 E
MIT 401:     Bayesian Modelling                 C
MIT 403:     Writing Macros                     C
Year 4 Semester 2    
MAS 402:     Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory         C
MAS 408:      Multivariate Methods                 C
MAC 402:     Statistical Modelling II                 E
MAC 406:     Risk and Credibility Theory             E
MAC 408:       Risk Mathematics                 E
MAC 410:      Fundamentals of General Insurance         E
MAS 406:      Robust Methods and Non-parametrics         E
MAS 410:     Statistical Model Building             E
MAS 412:      Stochastic Models for Social Processes         E
MAS 414:                  Survey Research Methods E
MAS 416:                  Quality Control Methods E
MAS 418:                 Applied Population Analysis  E
MAS 420:                      Applied Demography E
MAS 422:                     Econometric Models II  E
MAS 424:                     Applied Econometrics  E
MAS 426:                     Statistical Computing III  E
MAS 428:              Response Surface Methodologies’  E
MAS 430:                     Educational Statistics  E
MAS 432:                     Health Indicators  E
MAS 434:                Government Financing Structure   E
MAS 436:             Environmental/Ecological Indicators  E
MAS 438:                     Statistical Organization  E
MMA 402:                       Measure Theory   C
MMA 414:                       Fourier Analysis   E
MMA 429:                   Operations Research III   E
MIT 402:             Problem Based Statistical Analysis C
MIT 404:                       Algorithms   C


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About the Program
The program covers five major areas of Applied Statistics namely:
•    Mathematical Statistics
•    Economic Statistics
•    Demography and Social Statistics
•    Actuarial Science
•    General Applied Statistics