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The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science  currently has two active departments run by a strong and solid team of twenty two qualified teaching staff whose vast and robust experience in teaching and research is second to none.

The school has a state of the art mathematics laboratory, manned by an experienced technologist  and is available to students and staff for research, learning and teaching of all the IT related programmes in the school.

For student services the school has one school administrator, one amiable copy typist and  one messenger who work within the precinct of the office of the dean.

The school prides in offering quick, smooth and timely response to students queries and problems at all times. Our governing principles are guided by the vision, mission and core values below.


To be a centre of excellence in research and  training in mathematics in the region.


To ensure collective responsibility in the provision of quality service to students and guarantee discovery, promotion and dissemination of  knowledge in mathematics.

Core Values

  •  Relevance

The school is committed to regular review and development of  its programmes and activities to ensuring relevance.

  • Excellence

Excellence shall be our top target in faculty and student output.


The school shall ensure competitive equity in all opportunities that may arise in the school..


The school shall ensure that quality is maintained in all outputs and processes.


The school shall ensure integrity in all its undertaking.